Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A day at the park

With my lovely boyfriend/ photographer, thanks babe!

Finallyyyyy, SUN!! halelujaaaaaah!!!!!!  Hello skirt, sleeveless shirts, white legs.. say hello to Miss sunshine! I was trapped in our little apartment for almost a week because of the terrible weather, so when the sun came out we went to the park to enjoy this gift from mother nature. Although I think she's getting a little demented since it's summer and it has been raining here almost every day.. Time to step down and let someone else in charge missy! 

shirt - Zara
leather vest - My dad's
skirt - Zara
heels - Zara
rings - waterlooplein & Fashionology
bracelets - Buddha to BuddhaH&m

Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's go green

 Yessss babies, It's time to go green! Since colorBlocking is soooooo 2011, I pulled out my green pants and decided to (color)Blog them. Get it, get it ?! colorBLOG ;) But let's get back to business, my lovely mom gave me this beautiful blue top from Supertrash which totally brightened up my heart but more importantly my outfit! And for that, I am eternally grateful. Thanks mom!

pants - Zara
top - Supertrash
bag - H&m
shoes - Primark
scarf - Las Dalias Ibiza

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Flower Power

Yesterday I bought these great shoes at River Island so I had to take them out for a spin. I didn't find a way to wear this gorgeous kimono blouse yet until I found this leather dress in the back of my closet and a great combination was born! To finish the outfit I stole a pair of knee socks from my boyfriend and.. VOILA! Ready to rock the streets

blouse - zara
leather dress - bershka
shoes - River Island

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Modefabriek summer 2011

When I got on my bike to go to the modefabriek, all I had to do was follow the parade of fashionable looking people and ta-daaaa, there I was. All the brands showed their new collections and some of them were to die for! I really had to control myself since you can't buy anything and it felt like my worst nightmare came true. All the goodies right in front of you, you can touch them, smell them, feel the nice fabric but you can't take them home with you!! aaaaaarghhh!!!! And then... I discovered this incredibly cute vintage store in the back of the hall with a sign that said: you can buy here!! All great looking customized vintage pieces, I found this great jacket from Jutka & Riska and it made my day. 

The modefabriek gave new designers the opportunity to show their designs to the fashionworld. They are all final pieces from fashion/art students and I was very inspired by them.


My favorite pieces were these gorgeous bags by wig anthology. Also the new collection by Avelon is stunning as always and is definitely worth waiting for until next season. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Midsummerday's dream

Since the weather in Holland is very unpredictable you have to treasure the sunny days. So I was very excited to finally wear my summer clothes again! I love to wear lots of layers which is quite a challenge without fainting from the heat. So I decided to wear thin fabrics and dress it up with lots of jewelry instead.

Top - h&m
Blouse - stradivarius
Shorts - h&m
Shoes - stradivarius
Sunglasses - h&m