Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life is a beach

Since it's too hot in Turkey to wear clothes there's no other option but laying by the pool, but no longer than 5 minutes if you don't wanna faint, and just do nothing.. just chill... So that's what I've been up to everyday for almost 10 days now.. BLEGHHHH life's a bitch, isn't it? The bad internet connection is kinda driving me crazy though and I have to admit that this vacation is almost like a social media rehab. But I guess it's kinda nice for once. I hope I'm not making you guys jealous by sharing these sunny, hot, tropical, beachphotos with you.... Well maybe a little, Muahahahahahaha, have a sunny day! Love from Turkey

Bikini - H&m
Rings - waterlooplein, Rings eclectic
Bracelets - Ibiza, funny bandz, H&m, accessorize
Pumps - Primark
Sunglasses - H&m

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Into the blue

Yessss finally, CONNECTION!! halleluja! Now I can finally share this beautiful view with you guys! Since the sea is so blue I had to match my outfit. I hope after two weeks I won't look like a ghost anymore.. Sorry for the short post.. hopefuly the next one will be better.. but vacation is vacation.. so i'm gonna enjoy my time here! Love from Turkey

bathingsuit - Primark
Skirt - Zara
Belt - H&m
Shoes - Primark

Hi guys

Hi guys,

I'm so sorry i know my last post has been a while ago.. I'm in Turkey and the internet connection is terrible.. I can't upload my photo's but i'm gonna try my best to figure something out! I'm sorry!



Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flora & Fauna

I just love all the crazy animal and flower prints.. and this kimono has it all! And to top it, I couldn't resist wearing other silly prints with it. It turned out to be a very eclectic look which was exactly what I had in mind. The 70's sunnies and pants with an Asian touch. Flower power at it's best! This outfit is like a safari, surrounded by beautiful flowers and wild animals. Luckily I didn't got chased by a lion cause these 5 inch babies aren't made for running, but definitely for walking!

kimono - Zara
bandeau top - Stradivarius
70's pants - Zara
shoes - Cafe Moda
sunnies - H&m
clutch - H&m

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fuzzy and Fluffy... Oh and furry

I did some serious shopping today.. found some great stuff to add to my wardrobe.. not so great for my bank account though.. but it was sale, and not just sale... SUPER SALE! last round of sale in almost every store before the new collections come in. So you understand, it was a chance of a life time! (I mean this obviously doesn't happen every season.. everybody knows that..) So just keep telling yourself that and you won't feel guilty spending your money. I mean the rent can wait right?! Who knows how long that gorgeous skirt will be there, and it's on sale right now! RIGHT NOW!!! So go for it while you still can! enjoy life a little! Oooh by the way, don't use this against me, I won't be held responsible for your purchases.. Be smarter than me ;) Or not.

galaxy dress - H&m
lace shirt - H&m
faux fur coat - riverisland
neon leather belt - H&m
shoes - Cafe moda
rings - waterlooplein

Monday, August 1, 2011


Today was a lazy day, I didn't feel like going outside at all, but it's been wayyyy too long since my last post. And what makes you feel better than a nice outfit right?! I went for the nude pastels but I still felt a little boring... So I decided to spice them up with some hot red. It works for my cooking skills and apparently also for my outfit! And last, but not least, for my mood!    Oooh, and for the ones who were expecting to get some real nude photos...... GOTCHAAA!! thanks for the increase of my views!

shirt, shorts & necklace - H&m
shoes - cafe moda