Friday, September 9, 2011

Take a bow, tie

Hi guys, I'm sooooo sorry for keeping you waiting so long. It's been crazy over here. When I got back from Turkey my first week of uni started. All those new impressions and schedules,  but I promise i'm gonna make it work so my posts will be more regular! Enjoy!

Check out how in the first picture my leg looks amputated.. see, see... pretty AWESOMEEEE right.. and still able to walk on heels... DAMNNN i'm a pro! I know, I know.. you are wondering.. How did she do that? Well i guess, you'll never know.. Never tell your secret, but if blogging doesn't work out for me I can always become a magician.. and I would still get to wear pretty shiny outfits! No but seriously, no more joking. Bow ties are def a must have for everyone! And no, not just for men. I think it's the perfect accessory. It's  cute, fun and different. I also found this great bag in Turkey. From LP's to bag.. another magic trick. I love it!

blouse - Topshop
leather pants - Topshop
vest - River Island
bow tie - vintage
shoes - Cafe moda
bag - Turkey
rings - H&mFashionology, waterlooplein