Sunday, October 16, 2011

Green Lantern

Today finally the weather didn't completely suck! So I dragged my beloved boyfriend outside for a post.. The lighting was absolutely gorgeous.. and it kinda reminded me of a lantern.. The leather vest was a birthday present from my lovely girlfriends.. They know my taste, which is kinda special since sometimes i'm not even sure what that is.. I like a lot of different styles and I can be very picky.. Let's go with eclectic and eccentric.. WOWWW that's such a coincidence since this blog is called Bxentric! Which basically means don't give a #@$%&^# *** about what other people think and just experiment!! but that one was already taken unfortunately..  but seriously.. go for it!! Peace out!

pants - Zara
leather vest - H&m
t-shirt - Zara
shoes - Cafe moda

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